Our unique and practical syllabus materials–entirely made in-house–include age-appropriate activities, literacy and math worksheets, printable board games, coloring pages and much more! Our Spanish printables and lesson plans help teachers and parents educate children ages 2 to 6, making learning and teaching fun and easy!

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From 1,000+ online printable activities, you will find great teaching materials your niños will love.

Teaching with easy-to-use, school-tested printables will make room for more fun and productivity in your child’s Spanish education.

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“A very creative design,

simple and adapted for little kids."


for my students to use."


…really helped my ELL students!”

“Es lo que yo estaba buscando es estupendo.”

"It's what I was looking for, it's great."

“We should have every child speaking more than one language.”

- President Barack Obama

“Very cute lesson.

Loved the graphics."


My kids think these are great."

“Muy buena actividad, me gusta mucho.

La utilizare con mis alumnos la proxima semana. Muchas gracias por compartirla."

“Nice for my young bilingual students.”

“Thanks for sharing this excellent resource for the class!

I’m a Spanish teacher in Argentina, Buenos Aires."

“Very illustrative

about Día de los muertos festivity."

“I tutor a preschooler a bit of Spanish/Mexican culture.

I had to quickly look for a small 1 hour activity for her to work on while still reading a bit of the culture of Día de los Muertos right before Halloween. This activity is perfect! Thank you so much for your help and efforts. Gladly appreciate it!"

“This is perfect for my class.

We are writing to ones we love and this picture is not scary."
(Referring to Dia de los muertos lesson.)

“This is perfect for my Kindergarten Art class.

It is simple, cute, and allows students to customize and design their calaveras easily. ¡Gracias!"
(Referring to Dia de los muertos materials.)


You don’t have to be Spanish-proficient to enrich your child’s linguistic abilities. Together, we can foster a love for the Spanish language and build a rich vocabulary through your child’s natural learning curiosity.



Teaching Spanish has never been so exciting! Inspire your students to learn by incorporating a wide variety of smart, fresh and thoughtful class activities.



Whether your school is immersion-based, promoting increased Spanish fluency, or a bilingual-based with a goal of helping children attain higher levels of thinking and problem-solving while fostering a social and global understanding, Monarca Language can facilitate your objective.