Our Materials

Monarca Language offers an inspiring collection of stimulating Spanish-language educational resources for Preschool and Kindergarten children.
Our unique and practical syllabus materials–entirely made in-house–include age-appropriate worksheets, coloring pages, board games and much more! Parents, teachers and schools can now work collaboratively toward the shared goal of promoting increased Spanish fluency among children through this collection of enriching resources that will contribute to developing children’s mathematical and linguistic abilities and other important cognitive skills.

Our materials are handcrafted every month based on a sequential, seasonally based curriculum. You’ll find a variety of thoughtfully organized and ready-to-use materials with straightforward instructions, devised as a time-saver for the busy teacher and parent.

About Monarca Language

Our team is a small bunch of passionate people who believe in a thoughtful, inspiring but yet challenging education starting at a young age. We all are actively working in the teaching field bringing an invaluable understanding to our material and what children currently need.


Gely Flores was an educational psychologist with 40 years of experience in early childhood education. She taught from preschool age children to students aspiring to become elementary school teachers at the Hispanic American School in Mexico city.  Gely developed the academic curriculum for the award-winning school Zoom Language Center in Seattle, WA USA. She was passionate about teaching young children with economical and emotional challenges, and participated in the educational programs in many small villages in Mexico. Gely, sadly passed away in December of 2013, leaving a unique and beautiful legacy behind. ¡Siempre te vamos a extrañar!

Angelica Camargo is the founder of the award winning school Zoom Language Center in Seattle, USA. Angelica has created Zoom’s teaching methodology and co-created the lessons and class activities for many different age groups. She has been teaching Spanish classes since 2000 to children ages 1 to 10 years old and worked as a Preschool teacher since 2004. Angelica believes that children have a magical potential, which is truly – and only developed in the early years of life.

“We believe in the importance of embracing and respecting different cultures,” says Angelica Camargo, co-founder of Monarca Language. “Through Monarca Language’s curriculum, we have developed a way for children to become aware of other cultures while developing their Spanish-language skills. We strive to empower children to express their own ideas and needs in Spanish, attain a higher level of thinking and ultimately prepare them to become members of a culturally diverse society.”

We also have a team of collaborating preschool teachers and graphic designers who have helped plan, illustrate and develop the curriculum and materials.

We Believe

We believe in a world where different cultures are embraced and respected. Learning Spanish will help develop language skills in general and also awareness, empathy and understanding of other cultures.

Our Goals

  • To help children attain higher levels of thinking and problem-solving.
  • Develop sensory-motor skills triggering key regions of the brain encouraging socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development.
  • To empower children to express their ideas and needs in Spanish.
  • To teach and improve listening and communicative skills in Spanish.
  • To prepare children to become members of a diverse society.