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¡Maestros! Take back your afternoon and weekends.
Planning, creating and organizing thoughtful lesson plans and activities is what we do best.

Annual Membership
$92 a year

Best value!

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Smart, Fresh and Thoughtful Classroom Materials
Access more than 150 activities, thematically organized and ready-to-use materials, you will never run out of theme activities and projects.
Classroom Materials
From beautiful and engaging wall materials to editable planners and matching classroom documents, your classroom will look perfectly color coordinated.
Seasonal Printables
Receive just-in-time freshly made holidays bundles. From Dia de los Muertos to Dia de San Patricio, we’ve got you covered. BROWSE ▸Seasonal Printables
Enriching Crafts
Paired with each theme, simply print templates and follow our useful guide with details about the projects benefits and play ideas. BROWSE ▸craft
Cognitive Printable Activities
Language enriching materials, like vocabulary cards and picture dominoes, are available in each theme. Choose your theme and child’s age and print! BROWSE ▸Flashcards
Read, Sing & Play
Thoughtfully composed resource lists of books, songs, lyrics and toys related to each theme. BROWSE ▸


Reading & Writing Corner
Introduces letters and their sounds through our unique Monarca Language Literacy Awareness Program. 85% finish our program efficiently reading and writing. BROWSE ▸


Math Circle
Our math materials motivate children to use logical thinking by classifying, sorting and seriation of different objects by different attributes. BROWSE ▸