Nuestros Materials

Our Spanish printables are designed for children ages 2 to 6+. Each activity addresses language and other cognitive skills.

Coloring Activities

Coloring Activities ▸

Free and easy coloring activities. New material added monthly!

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Seasonal Materials

Seasonal Materials ▸

Printables including cognitive worksheets, crafts & templates, and resources. 6 themes available at a time. New material added each month!

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Reading and Writing Corner

Reading & Writing Corner ▸

Reading & writing corner introduces letters and their sounds through our unique literacy awareness program. 85% finish our program efficiently reading and writing.

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Math Circle

Math Circle ▸

Math circle motivates children to use logical thinking by classifying, sorting and seriating different objects by different attributes.

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Core Materials

Core Materials ▸

Access all Seasonal Thematic Printables that we have created — including cognitive worksheets, crafts & templates, and resources.