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Peces de plastilina

Materials Needed

  • Template
  • Play dough
  • Card board 6″ by 8″ rectangle or stock paper
  • Animal shapes
  • Salt or sand
  • Paint
  • Elmer’s glue
  • String


  1. Make playdough.
  2. Cut out cardboard rectangles or print template in a cardstock.
  3. Punch two holes in upper corners for stringing later.


  • Have children fill in space with play dough, breaking off pieces and pressing them into cardboard.
  • Paint the template background a light color.
  • For a textured border, glue sand or colored salt around edge, tie string in holes and hang.


Act out like they’re animals and have others guess what they are.

What did I learn?

  • Creativity
  • Fine motor skills of pulling and pressing.
Ocean Animals
Deep down in the sea, there's a whole world to explore. How many legs does an octopus have?