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Al mar osito polar

by Hans de Beer

When a young polar bear is caught in a fishing net which brings him to the city, the friendly ship’s cat helps him return home.

Tantos Peces

Monarca Language
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How many color fishes do we see?
How many sea creatures do we see?
Learn about all the sea creatures that live in the ocean and that are not fish.

Sea Life Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box

Melissa & Doug

Set includes four wooden, 12-piece sea life jigsaw puzzles– sharks, sea horses, dolphins and tropical fish– each stored in a separate compartment of a sturdy wooden box! The slide-on box lid doubles as a convenient puzzle board! Each puzzle piece is shape-coded on the back for easy sorting. Great for travel!
Ocean Animals
Deep down in the sea, there's a whole world to explore. How many legs does an octopus have?