Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of materials are you offering?
  2. We have designed a season-based curriculum that has been customized by age groups (2, 3 and 4 year olds).

    The curriculum includes:

    1. Cognitive development worksheets in the areas of visual discrimination, planning, and problem solving skills, among other important cognitive skills.
    2. Printable games; dominoes and flashcards to play memory or to review vocabulary.
    3. Art projects and instructions. We have included a picture of the project as well as the benefits and the activities you can do with them after completed.
    4. A resource list of books, songs and toys that complement each theme.
    5. Teachers & School Memberships also include: A great variety of phonemic awareness and math worksheets. This material is organized in a structured manner and constitutes an effective teaching approach for the introduction of reading and writing, counting and early number practice. The full year of material is accessible at any time.
    6. School Memberships also include: A customized day-by-day lesson plan and guide, newsletter, classroom tools and ideas to instruct a Spanish Immersion class. This customized plan is designed for each school’s or home school’s needs.
  3. How can I use this material?
  4. Our material is very flexible. All printables are bundled into a set of themed worksheets. Download and print the bundle and use as needed. Visit our How to Use our Worksheets page for more ideas.

  5. Can I use this material if I don’t speak Spanish?

    ¡Si! And yes! Our printable materials are designed to develop a variety of cognitive skills. Our worksheets enrich the knowledge of the Spanish language. Instructions are written in both English and Spanish, so that you can understand and explain the worksheets to your child.

  6. What can I find on your website/membership?

    Your membership gives you access to 6 themes each month. Two themes rotate out each month. This means over the course of 3 months, you will receive access to a total of 10 themes.

  7. What does my membership offer me?

    View our Pricing & Memberships page.

  8. How can I cancel my membership? Upgrade?

    If you would like to discontinue access to the material, please sign in to your account and click on “Manage my Membership” on your account page.

    To upgrade your membership, you can log into your account, go to pricing page and select a new membership.

  9. How often do you update your materials?

    We are a small bunch of teachers, a psychologist and an illustrator that carefully develop and create new material every month. Each year, you will also see a set of new materials. Feedback is very important, so please don’t feel shy, and let us know what you will like to see next.

  10. What age is appropriate for Zoom Material?

    Our curriculum is appropriate for children ages 2 to 6 years of age. Please remember that you will still need to explain and help your child to complete each worksheet and other curriculum activities.

  11. How about crafts, music and other resources?

    Yes. We include photos, instructions and a list of resources and reviews for music/lyrics, books and toys. Each theme includes a resource set of all of these.

  12. What file type do you use for your printables, and what software is required for opening your files?

    All of our bundles are in the PDF format; the most common way of viewing and printing documents. Most computers already have software installed on their computer for viewing PDFs; typically Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a free program available for download here: We recommend keeping your software current.

  13. How do I print my PDFs?

    All common printers allow for the standard document size 8.5″ x 11″. They also typically have a margin limit of .5″ on all sides. We have designed our PDFs to fit this format with little or no printer settings. Just make sure that Page Scaling is “Off” and if you only want to print particular pages, specify these pages in your printer settings.

  14. How do I renew my membership?

    All memberships are set for automatic renewal. You can change this at any time by signing in to your account and selecting “Manage my Membership”.

  15. I downloaded a bundle of printables, where is it?

    Most browsers will automatically open the file you’ve just downloaded. If you do not see anything after clicking download, the file is likely saved to a folder on your computer called Downloads.

  16. What’s the best browser for using this website?

    We recommend using the most current version of Firefox (PC & Mac), Google Chrome (PC & Mac), or Safari (Mac). These browsers are free to download and update.

  17. What if I only want to buy individual worksheets?

    Visit our TeachersPayTeachers store!