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Give your child a head start on learning a new language.
The earlier you start, the more cognitive and language benefits
your child will achieve.

Our mission is to foster a love for the Spanish language and
build a rich vocabulary through a natural learning curiosity.

At home or on the go, you will always have access to great activities to practice your español.

Our easy-to-use and effective materials develop:

  • Spanish language awareness
  • Reasoning abilities
  • Problem solving skills
  • Critical thinking abilities
  • Fine-motor skills
  • Visual discrimination skills

Together, these tools help niños learn Spanish efficiently.

  • Our inspiring visual materials are designed based on children’s visual perceptions and content assimilation.
  • All seasonal activities are interconnected so that children can easily relate to their immediate environment by putting into practice concepts that that they are currently learning at school and at home.
Benefits of second language acquisition:

  • Children who receive regular second language instruction perform better in their first language and in their school overall.
  • Children who study second language get higher scores on verbal and math sections of standardized tests.
  • Children who learn second languages have expanded career employment opportunities as adults.