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Our customized Preschool and Kindergarten curricula in the Spanish language meet the unique needs of each classroom based on age-appropriate materials and the total hours taught in the target language.

Our age-appropriate resources and progressive, seasonal-based curricula offer an efficient teaching approach to learning Spanish by helping you set your goals for the overall school and classroom consistency.

All curriculum materials contribute to building rich, stimulating and engaging lessons. The components of the program include:

  • storytelling
  • cognitive games for building vocabulary and expressive language skills
  • concept development of fine motor
  • pre-literacy skills
  • pre-math building games
  • creative projects
  • play in learning group activities through the day

Monarca’s team has worked in the Early Childhood Education field for more than 50 years combined, bringing a unique experience of the early childhood developmental process as well as today’s challenges in the field of business owners, school directors, teachers and illustrators. We collaborate each day to provide the best quality of materials and services available for Spanish language acquisition.

The materials are student-driven and teacher-tested since 2006.