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¡Maestros! You can take back your afternoons and weekends.
Planning, creating and organizing thoughtful lesson plans and activities are on us.

  • Smart, fresh and thoughtful classroom materials.

  • Planning has never been so exciting! Our seasonal themes are always convenient. Use all themes and plan seasons ahead!

  • All neatly organized is a time-saving treat. Activities for each season are interconnected so that children can easily relate to their immediate environment by putting into practice concepts that are already familiar to them.

  • Always the right content. All bundles provide a variety of supporting materials that when used together challenge children according to their age group.

  • Engaging is easy. Each theme includes a variety of activities to practice, listen, dance, play and create supporting different learning styles. All materials support visual discrimination, planning, and problem solving skills, among other important cognitive skills.

  • A memorable learning experience starts with visually interesting materials. All worksheets are beautifully handcrafted and have been successfully teacher-tested.

  • Experience is a must. Preschool Spanish teachers with 50 years of experience have created our materials.

Rincon de Lectura EscrituraReading and Writing Corner

Language learning is not isolated. Follow our easy-to-use teaching method and you can have young readers and writers before the end of the school year! Our literacy awareness program introduces letters, their sounds and blends in a natural phonetic process.


El Circulo de Matematicas
Math Circle

Our math material motivates children to use logical thinking by classifying, sorting and seriating different objects by different attributes.